Dimitra's Workshop



Hi! My name is Dimitra Fragkia and I am the founder of Dimitra’s Workshop handcrafted footwear. I was born and raised in Athens, Greece and I am a graduate in Physical education and Sport science at the University of Athens. I worked as a gymnast for almost 10 years. The same time I was following my passion for fashion and handcrafting. As the years passed and Ι developed my skills in creation and design, as well as the experience Ι gained over the years, in 2015 came the time to decide that I wanted to dedicate exclusively on what filled me and made me happy. So I created my own brand, the Dimitra’s Workshop.


THE STORY handcrafted footwear

How we started

Everything started in 2015 when my husband Nikos Douvis and I decided to convert my grandma’s old apartment to an artistic place where we could spare our free time by making stuff. That summer, one day I brought a pair of handmade leather sandals with purpose to decorate them for myself. From then the embellishment of handmade leather sandals became our passion for creation of unique footwear. Our ultimate goal was to create high quality sandals that give joy and happiness to women’s everyday life! So we decided to put our designs to my Etsy shop where I was selling my crafts. The public response was enormous!

In the meantime we were making new designs in order to improve the quality more and more. Our hobby evolved to fulltime job since we left our jobs and followed the voices in our hearts saying to take the risk! After really hard work we managed to make  our products unique, of premium quality and very loved to our customers.

The sandals

The sandal is established as a basic summer footwear in Greece for many years. Actually sandals have a great history to our country from the ancient times. They were the basic footwear for both women and men. According to the myths, Greek gods used to wear sandals too! Nowadays, these comfortable shoes became the fashion items that every woman must have in her suitcase for the vacations.

What we do is to create sandals which are unique, colorful, luxurious and comfortable. We use genuine Greek leather sandals handmade by experienced craftsmen in Greece. We embellish the sandals with lots of quality materials such as Swarovski crystals, semiprecious stones, gold plated coins and beads. Fabrics in geometrical, boho, floral motifs and fashion items such as colorful friendship macramé, pom poms and tassels are used to give a playful character to every pair. We make every pair working only with our hands in order to have the best results. The inpiration for our designs comes mostly from places, people and cultures from all over the world so we can mix together two of our big loves: creating and travelling.

In the future

Our main goal for the future is to make our brand popular in many countries for the quality and the uniqueness of our products. We imagine a strong woman with self confidence who create her own style. She knows how to make fashion and to mix & match the clothes and styles. We will keep working hard to create unique, new designs for all that women who love being themselves.