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10 Things to do before 2017!

10 things to do before 2017

Only 25 days left before the new year comes! I am very exited and I want to be prepared for a new fresh start!

So I wrote down some things I would like to accomplish before the next year! Would you like to join me?

1. Stop doing things that you shouldn’t do.

It’s more easy to stop doing things you should not do than adding more new habits to your everyday life. So think all these things you did on 2016 that are slowing you down and do not do them again the next year! Make a list with them, you have 25 days from now so you will not forget none!

2. New achievable goals. 10 things to do before 2017

There is no doubt that when we put elusive goals we fail. Or we fail because we don’t break the big goals down into smaller steps. Write down your intentions and your realistic goals for the new year and how can you achieve them step by step. You can also include simple things you’d like to do such as more gatherings with friends, a specific exercise routine, a yoga lesson per week at least or to visit a place that you’ve never been before.

3. Clean up the mess!  10 things to do before 2017

I know it’s boring for most of us! But think about waking up at the first of the year without dust, laundry or mess. Maybe you want to redecorate some spaces or rooms at your house. It’s a fresh start for the new year!

4. Be thankful and appreciate someone.

Who helped you in a difficult condition? Or helped you being a better person this year? Is there anyone that has made your 2016 special? I’m sure there will be someone! Now it’s the best time of the year to say thanks with your way. You can give this person a handmade gift or tell him you love him or anything! Just make him feel special!

5. Donate!  10 things to do before 2017

When you will clean up your house don’t forget to collect all these things you don’t need anymore, like old clothes or anything else and give them to charity.

6. Take a day off!

Spend an entire day as exactly you would like. Visit friends, go out, go shopping, read a book, have a funcy meal with your loved ones. And no phones, no emails, no TV! Just have fun outside or into your home with your family, friends or by yourself!

7. Start a physical exercise!

There is no need to wait the new year to come for starting a physical exercise. Just do it now! Start jogging, yoga lessons, walking every day for one hour or just go the gym. Give your body the benefits that physical exercise has.


8. Organize a dinner! 10 things to do before 2017

Invite your friends or family or both to your festively decorated home. Make a simple dinner for them and celebrate the days that are coming.

9. Write a letter to yourself.

Think of what you did this year. All the good things, all the wrong things, all your accomplishments or things you did not manage to complete. Be honest, be thankful and not critical to yourself. Love yourself and get ready for a new start!

10. Take care of your health and your body.

Be prepared for the new year with a healthy body from the inside out. What you can do is to visit your doctor for checking your physical, mental, sexual, oral health. And of course-the most enjoyable part-you can take care of your skin, hair, nails, your appearence generally. You will feel refreshed and ready for all the good things that are coming!

… and the 10+1 thing you should not forget to do!

Get the presents for your loved ones or yourself  on time.

Here is a gift idea that every woman would love to get! Or you can let her make the choice!