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VOGUE interview Dimitra Fragkia

VOGUE interview Dimitra Fragkia. 

The spring|summer 2016 season was the season of pom pom sandals and colors. Leather sandals with tassels, coins, pom poms was the favorite footwear of the fashion girls in Europe, America and beyond. And all this craze for these cheerful colorful sandals will not be past for the new season.

Dimitra created high quality sandals which became the must have for the holidays. Her designs worn by super stylish fashion bloggers like Mypeeptoes, Paula Ordovas.

We are also very proud that we were asked by the Spanish Vogue to give an interview about our work.

Dimitra’s vogue interview is included in the article of Cecilia Casero at VOGUE.ES.

The interview is very interesting for those who want to learn more about our Greek handmade sandals, the procedure of the production, the sources of inspiration for the models are created and for the Dimitra’s workshop itself.


VOGUE interview Dimitra Fragkia, Designer of Dimitra’s Workshop.


paula ordovas
Photo by Paula Ordovas

– What is the story behind Dimitra´s Workshop?
How was the brand conceived?

I love to design, create and work with my hands. All started one summer when I decided to create a pair of sandals that would have my own style and be unique. I was wearing that pair all the time during my holidays and people kept asking about them. Then I got the idea to create my own collection of designs and try to sell them. I thought that Etsy would be the best place to share my creations with the world. And that’s how everything started..


– Which is the brand DNA for you?

Our brand’s DNA is best described by our customers’ responses. They choose our sandals because they are fun, unique and beautiful. They are cute, comfy and of the best quality. We do our best to keep everyone satisfied and hope they enjoy life and themselves wearing our creations.

We are passionate about creating all these stuff. It gives us joy and calmness.


– Why sandals? Or more specifically, why bohemian and handcrafted sandals?

I love wearing sandals. They are so comfortable and at the same time stylish. I also love working with them. They are
special in that they let you transform them completely. I am constantly amazed by the idea that I can create something so stylish from something so simple and earthy.

Bohemian is more than just a trend to me, it is a way of life that focuses on expressing your creativity and unique personality.

Handcrafted products carry with them something of their creator, their personality and emotions. I adore that. Also, they put no limits on creativity or experimentation and each piece always has something unique, and the sense of a prototype.


– Your shoes are handcrafted in Greece. What makes a Greek sandal so perfect?

Modern Greece has developed significant expertise in manufacturing sandals. People from around the world visit Greece to see its ancient treasures and buy leather sandals because they recognize them as characteristic of the ancient Greek culture and way of life. Materials are of best quality since Greece has a long history of leather production and many thriving tanneries around the country.


vogue interview mypeeptoes
Photo by Paula Ordovas

– How do you describe your creative process, what do you begin for: shapes, colors, materials…?

It’s not always the same, neither the beginning nor the route that will follow. Sometimes I start from the colors. For example, I want to create something dark
or something very bright and playful. Sometimes I want to make something that has volume or many fringes.

May happen to find a material that I like very much and want to build a design around this material.

Really, there is no pattern.


– Your sandals have so many details and charms, how long how long it takes to make them?

To create a new design can take a lot of time. It may be completed in a few days or it can take several weeks. To build an order can last from 2 to 5 hours. It is a process that requires concentration and precision. A complex design can take a lot of energy from you.


– Do you work by yourself or do you have a team?

Right now my boyfriend and I do everything. We create the sandals, manage our shop on Etsy, communicate with our followers on social media, handle logistics… everything.

The response from people around the world has been great and that makes us think we should grow our team.


– Which kind of women do you imagine wearing your sandals? Do you have any style icon?

I think our sandals are for the hip and confident women. Women that are not afraid to be a little extreme in their outfit. That enjoy the daily life, and have fun. They like colors, the sun, the sea, and think positively. Are optimistic and creative.


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