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Dimitra’s Workshop Woo Woo handmade Sandals
Dimitra's Workshop Woo Woo SandalsDimitra's Workshop Woo Woo wedges SandalsDimitra's Workshop Woo Woo leather SandalsDimitra's Workshop Woo Woo Greek Sandals
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Woo Woo



Product Description

Handmade genuine greek leather sandals.

Flatform x-strap sandals with two wide leather straps that embrace the foot and one on the back. The sandals have a very soft leather footbed and a rope sole 4.5cm to give you some extra height which is very useful sometimes! A peach pink trim, gold tinsels and white fringes embellish the leather straps.

And if you are wondering about the name “Woo Woo” just fill up a glass with some vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and ice and you will have a super “Woo Woo” pink cocktail! This is what these wedges reminds us.. Cheers!

Dimitra’s workshop sandals are all made by hand very carefully and with respect to the customer. They are unique, resistant and made by quality materials.